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In 2014 we stimulated the D&T teacher movement through the launch and support for #TeachMeetDT. During the events we hosted in the first 6 months, over 500 teachers attended and over 100 teachers presented. TeachMeetDTs are all about sharing good practice and we encourage you to host one!

National 3D PRINTING

This one year project beginning in July 2015 is funded by the Department for Education and seeks to create a portfolio of expert resources produced by expert teachers of 3D Printing. Through an exciting partnership with BEEVERYCREATIVE, we have been able to donate 3D printers to schools across London.


Design_Ed is one of our latest projects aiming to provide leadership and showcase the very best pedagogy in Design & Technology. All work submitted is moderated by a team of educators, academics, designers or engineers and catagorised within a searchable database.

STEM Crowdfunding

Far too often, funding restrictions in D&T and Engineering is an unnecessary hurdle for schools acquiring 21st century equipment. In partnership with The Mayor for London and the Department for Education, we are accelerating the access schools have to specialist equipment through an innovative STEM based crowd-funding platform.

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Teach Design was born from the idea of D&T teachers taking ownership of their subject
By Teachers, for Teachers

Formed in 2013, Teach Design is a team of award winning Design & Technology and Engineering teachers. Teach Design was formed with the basic fundamental principle: “For Teachers, By Teachers”. We have extensive experience in developing and implementing dynamic educational change. Teach Design is a non-for-profit initiative committed to improving and modernising Design, Technology and Engineering education in the UK.

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  • Foresight

Our Team

We’re a team of disruptive practitioners who’ve worked with education and industry to drive change in D&T
Steven Parkinson
Steve is Co-Founder of Teach Design. He is an Advanced Skills Teacher and Lead Practitioner for Design & Technology. Steve was awarded the James Dyson Foundation Teacher of Year Award and has worked with partners including Autodesk, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the D&T Association.
Jim Smith
Jim is an Assistant Headteacher and Specialist Leader in Education. In addition to work with the DfE, Jim has worked with many colleagues in Design Industry including Mark Shayler and the Design Council.
Phil Holton
Phil is Co-Founder of Teach Design. He is a former winner of the Audi Innovation Award. Phil has worked with many industry partners including VEX Robotics, National Grid and Bee Very Creative.


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We are always on the look out for getting involved with like-minded people interested in design and engineering education. Send us a message and one of the team will get back to you very soon!

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